Our females
Honduran, Mexican Ch. Jrs. América TT

America was bred by Javier Ramirez of JR Boxers, since she arrived to Ecot has been distinguished being an excellent reproducer, from her breeding to Ch Doll Announces Veni Vidi Vici SOM we can mention Mexican Honduran Guatemalan Cuban and Nicaraguan Ch Ecot´s Back To The Past TT, of her breeding to Mexican Honduran Nicaraguan Ch Brookwood´s Hit The Jackport produced American Ch. Ecot´s Ginger and Ecot´s Greta, and from her breeding to Am Ch Hi Tech Johnny J Of Boxerton SOM we can honor to Ecot´s Little John who to the date and its short age has won 5 Best Puppy A In Show All Breeds and 4 Best Puppy B In Show All Breeds. America has won in repeated occasions the Award of Best Brood Bitch of Mexico Boxer Club, during this year some of hers pups will be present in rings of the USA looking for its American titles.

Shadowdale´s Ecot Connection TT

Sally was bred by Mary L Curl in Keswick, Ontario, Canada, to who we thank for allowing Sally came to Mexico, Sally is a female of extraordinary structure with great top line and rear and front angulations, Sally will begin in this 2004 its way in the Mexican rings course to its Championship and in a near future we waited for her debut like reproducer.

Canadian, Mexican Ch Pengalli´s International Affair in Ecot TT

Portia was bred by Mary-Jane and Grace Lewis de Pengalli Boxers a recognized boxer kennel of Surrey, British Columbia in Canada, Portia amiably was handled by her breeders toward her Canadian Championship, Portia is a female of extraordinary quality, same that has shown in the Mexican rings, Portia got all her points towards her Mexican Championship undefeated, this year will mark her debut like mother.

American Ch Ecot's Ginger

Ginger is without doubt one of the best Mexican Boxers   of the last times,she began her way in the rings at the age of 6 months winning Better Puppy In Show in the Specialty   of the Club de Boxer del Estado de Puebla under the recognized breeder and handler Mrs Cheryl Cates, since then Ginger has won multiple Best Puppy In Show, Young Dog In Show and Best Mexican Bred as much in All Breeds and Specialties Shows. The quality of Ginger has transferred the borders, in the 2003 made her debut in the rings of the USA, where in her first show, at the Houston Boxer Specialty and handled to perfection by Terri Galle obtained Winner´s Bitch and Best Of Winner´s to get a 4 point Major, during the Regional Specialty of the American Boxer Club she placed in 2º Place of the   Open Fawn, Ginger returned in this 2004 to the USA to finish her American Championship guided by the expert hands of Terri Galle.Ginger become the first American Champion   bred at Ecot, we want to express our gratitude to Terri Galle, Robert Chaffin and Brenda Stuckey for the care and attentions they gave to Ginger.

Ecot´s Greta TT

Following her   parent's tradition, Greta is a dog of excellent conformation and type, very similar to Ginger (her litter sister), Greta won of Best Puppy In Show at Mexico Boxer   Club   2002 Specialty   under the judgement   of recognized the breeder Mr Jack Ireland, this year Greta will finish her Mexican championship and began its way in the rings of   USA looking for its American Championship.

Mex-GCM. Cr-GCC. Gua- GCG- MBIS- MBISS  CMM. CAC. Harrowoods Pricess Leia TT.
#1 Mexican Boxer

Leia is daughter of American Champion Brookwood´s Dream   Dancer winner of the Top Twenty of the American Boxer Club in the 2003 and half   sister of the Best Of Breed Winner at the American Boxer Club in the 2003   American Champion Brookwood´s Mystic Warrior, Leia was bred by Ron and Libby Mattson of Harrowood Boxers to   whom we thank for allowed that Leia came to Mexico,we are sure Leia will impact the Boxer Breed at shows and through her legacy. Leia made her debut in Mexican shows during the National Specialty of Mexico Boxer Club in October of the 2003 under the judgement of the recognized judge and breeder Mrs.   Stephanie Abraham, Leia from the categories won   Winner's Bitch and Best Opposite Sex In Show.On her first show of 2004 and coming from the categories Leia won Winner's Bitch and Best of Breed to finish her Mexican Championship, Leia started her Special's career in Mexico this year.

Leia is the Number One Boxer in Mexico in 2004 with more than 30 Best Of Breed and 21 Group Placings and 1 Best in Show of all breeds.

Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador Ch. Brookwood’s High Roller T.T.
Heidi arrived at Ecot in February of 2004 to contribute its unquestionable quality to our blood lines, Heidi is litter sister of Brookwood's Place Your Bets DOM mother of the Number 1Boxer , Number 1 Working Group and Number 7 Dog of All Breeds of the USA and this year’s Top Twenty of the American Boxer Club winner Ch. Brookwood's Mystic Warrior (Tommie). Heidi was bred by our great c friends and recognized breeders David and Lee Ann Brooks of Brookwood Boxers, we are deeply thankful to David and Lee Ann that has allowed for the following year,the breeding of Heidi with the great producer Ch. Brookwood's Dream Dancer SOM, father of Tommie and Leia, we thank Javier Barahona of Honduras to allow that Heidi be with us.
Ecot’s Laila
Laila is daughter of the number one producer of USA during the last 2 years, Ch. Hi-Tech's Johnny J Of Boxerton SOM and our Best Brood Bitch Honduran and Mexican Ch. JR's America T.T. We are pretty sure of the great contribution Laila will have at Ecot as a producer through her great pedigree, this year will mark Laila’s debut at very selective Mexican shows.